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Jasmin Skuhan
  • Jasmin Skuhan
  • September 27, 1980
  • Brussels, Belgium
  • jasmin@skuhan.com
  • +32479812133
  • www.skuhan.com
I am a web developer based in Brussels (Belgium) with 14 years extensive experience. I create stylish, dynamic and accessible websites and web applications. I build sites for all kinds of clients, from individuals and small companies, to large high-profile and social networking websites. I am passionate about web standards, accessibility and user experience.

My main objectives are focused approach targeted to meet the requirements of customers & end users. I follows all W3C web-standards & guidelines. Customer satisfaction is my mission..
Web Application developer
Laravel & Drupal specialist
Brussels, Belgium
I have production experience with PHP, Laravel, several major Content Management Systems and I offer CMS integration, for easy site maintenance.
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